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Business | Trademark & Copyright

Trademark & Copyright

  • Protect your brand from competitors
  • Complete online process
  • Experts in the industry will cater to you personally
  • Active Customer Support throughout the process

Trademark Assignment Deed

An assignment is a legal agreement or a document prepared to transfer or sell an asset or debt to some other party...
Starting From Rs.7500

Patent Assignment deed

In India, the patent act is governed by The Patent Act, 1970. It was Delhi high court which recognised the need for the assignment of patent rights...
Starting From Rs.7500

Copyright Assignment Deed

An assignment deed is a legal document which helps in the transfer of ownership of a property from one party to another...
Starting From Rs.7500

Copyright registration

Copyright is a type of intellectual property where a creator’s work can be legally protected. The main objective of copyright is to encourage...
Starting From Rs.7500

Trademark registration

One deals with trademark everyday knowingly or unknowingly. If the brand is famous, then the customers tend to buy products of the same brand...
Starting From Rs.7500

Patent registration

It is the official legal right which is granted to the patent holder with the help of which the holder can sell, transfer the invention which is made...
Starting From Rs.15000

Design registration

A design is an original work which is created and listed in the area of art and fashion. It is also the aesthetic appearance of a product...
Starting From Rs.10000

Trade secret registration

A trade secret is referred as a procedure, process, design, instrument, or data storage relating to a business which is needed to be kept unknown...
Starting From Rs.0

Geographical Indication Registration

Geographical Indication (GI) is a sign or a symbol which is used for products where the origin of the product is specific in nature, and they possess...
Starting From Rs.50000

Integrated Design Registration

With new technological developments every day, our daily routine and business depends on technological advancement and competition in the technical...
Starting From Rs.15000

Plant variety registration

A variety in a plant would refer to a specific identity of a plant or a species of whose botanical name or the genus name and characteristics is different...
Starting From Rs.50000

Copyright objection

A copyright is a legal right given to the original creators of work. The rights are given to the creators in order to protect their work from being exploited...
Starting From Rs.2000

Design opposition

Design according to the Design Act means a particular shape, size, pattern, any figure in any color, including 2D or 3D figures, but not a trademark...
Starting From Rs.15000

Geographical indications opposition

A Geographical Indication is a sign which is used on special products that have specific characteristics and have a different quality and place of origin...
Starting From Rs.9000

Integrated design opposition

Integrated design is a holistic approach that brings different specimens of computer designs together which are usually considered separate...
Starting From Rs.15000

Patent opposition

Patents are exclusive Intellectual Property rights given to the inventor of a novel product or process. It’s a legal right assigned to the inventor...
Starting From Rs.15000

Plant variety Opposition

India is one of the first countries who have enacted legislation to give formal rights to the farmers of this country. And thus, protection of Plant Variety...
Starting From Rs.15000

Trademark objection

Trademarks are symbols, design, numerals,devices, label often used by businesses to distinguish themselves from other businesses...
Starting From Rs.5000


Trademark is a mark that is capable of distinguishing the goods or services in connection with which it is used in the course of trade...
Starting From Rs.1000


India is on course to become one of the leading hubs for innovation, research and development, because of which even the intellectual property...
Starting From Rs.1000


Copyright protection is an essential pillar of any society wanting to create a safe and right full legal framework that encourages entrepreneurship...
Starting From Rs.1000

Trademark license agreement

rademarks are developed by brands so that consumers can distinguish between two similar products....
Starting From Rs.15000

Patent license agreement

A Patent is a form of Intellectual Property that gives a legal right to the owner of a discovery/invention from preventingothers from selling, copying,...
Starting From Rs.15000

Copyright license agreement

A copyright is a right given to the owner or creator of photographs, paintings and illustrations, books, essays or software, graphical notations...
Starting From Rs.15000


You need to select one of the Lawyers considering your case category and profile of the Lawyers. Once you are sure with the Lawyer, you need to select call option given in the profile page of the Lawyer, in the website as well as in the mobile app. After selecting the call option,the time slot needs to be selected, and payment needs to be made for confirmation of the call consultation. At the selected time our system shall connect you and Lawyer We have half an hour time slots placed for every call consultation and after said time slot selected call shall automatically get disconnected.

Kindly make sure that you keep all information and documents about the matter handy before the time of call so that to avoid any delays.

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