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Business Registrations

LegatoApp provides ease of registration of your business at the click of your fingers. From compliance to IP registrations to ROC, we cater to all documentation. Our clients vouch for our safe and guaranteed process.

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Legal Documetation

We provide reliable & well drafted documents deemed valid by the court of law. These are ready to use templates which are easily downloadable & ready to use.

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Trademark & Copyright

All the documents for IP registration need to be submitted in accordance to the law. Let us assist you with international registration of IPR with a secured protection in the country of your choice.

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Attic Space

Being a start-up it was very important for us to receive the correct legal advice based on our Company size. LegatoApp consults us on various legal matters that need to be addressed by a start-up in this 21st century. From drafting legal documents to advising us business matters from a legal point of view, LegatoApp caters to all our legal hassles.

Welding Alloys

It was really nice experience to work with team at LegatoApp. We really appreciate professional approach and time bound services. We also appreciate your quick communication, response time and coordination to complete the tasks. We were able to complete all the activities related to this project within defined schedule with the help of your services.

Kartavya Healtheon

LegatoApp caters to us in 360 degrees. They have been doing regular legal checks and due diligence to immune us from the risk of non-compliance. They have been providing tech-based legal solutions to our Company which has benefitted our short term as well as long term goals.

Mefac Media & Entertainment

One of the few advisory firms providing problem solving approach to the issues. You can expect quick solutions to the complex issues in the areas of compliance, legal and accounting. Be it international expansion or be it domestic set-up/ compliance issues, team at LegatoApp has always helped us by going out of the way.


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Let us assist you in taking care of all your legal worries and immune you from legal risks.

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