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Business | Format of Legal Notices in India


Articles that keep you updated with legal knowledge and help you achieve your goals.
Format of Legal Notices in India

A legal notice is a system of formal procedure and set of documents which are used in informing the other party that you intend to take legal action against the party. It also saves time and money of the concerned party who wish to file such a case.


Format Of Notice


Notice is an official document; therefore, it is very important to follow a strict format for drafting a notice for legal purposes. There is generally no correct or wrong format for drafting notices but it is essential to note that the structure should be suitable and the person or the organization it is sent to should understand it.

Given below is a rough draft regarding the format of the notice:

  1. Title: This is the most important point which has to be kept in mind while drafting the notice. The title which shall be mentioned has to be clear so that it helps the reader to identify the reason behind the notice.
  2. Date: Once the title of the notice is mentioned, on the left-hand side, the date has to be mentioned when the notice is drafted and issued.   As the date would be recorded for future reference.
  3. Name of the organization or the individual to whom it has to be sent: At the very beginning after the title of the notice, one must mention the name of the individual or the organization to which it has to be issued. This, in return, helps the other party to identify as to whom this notice has been issued.
  4. Heading: The next step must be the heading of the notice which should be written precisely, and the purpose of the notice must be served by the heading.
  5. Body of the notice: After mentioning the heading, a brief gist must be given regarding as to why the notice has been issued and what question of law has been raised.
  6. Sender’s name: At the end of the notice, the sender's name must be written and also the designation which he/she holds in an organization or professionally. The notice has to be signed by the person who is sending the notice.


Content Of A Notice


  1. It is crucial that the notices should cover all the details about the issue. It must contain the following W’s which are summarized below :
  2. WHAT: It must be clearly explained ‘what’ does the notice relate to. The details about what has happened and what might happen must be mentioned.
  3. WHERE: The crucial details regarding the location and ‘where’ the issue has occurred or such other details must be precise while writing a notice.
  4. WHEN: In this column, the date and time where the event has occurred and essential aspects of the same must be mentioned.
  5. WHO: To avoid confusion, the notice must contain the name of the person or the organization to which it has to be addressed. Accurate information will surely save time.


Important Points


  • Clear and precise: The maximum words to be used for notice should not be more than 50 words and language to be used should be precise and absolutely clear. The reader who reads it must immediately understand what this notice is about.
  • Formal language: It is a formal communication method; therefore; no informal language should be used while drafting the notice.
  • Simple words: No flowery language should be used. One must use simple words and make short sentences while drafting the notice to avoid ambiguity.
  • Passive voice: The sentences and words used while drafting notice must be written in a passive voice format.
  • Appeal: It must be neatly drafted and properly formatted before sending it to the accused party.




It is vital to have a proper format while drafting the notice as it is a formal way through which the message is sent out to the other party, and it gives a clear image as to what has to be done further.

Therefore, it is essential that the structure of the notice must be clear and precise, it must not create any confusion about the subject matter of the notice which has been sent to the concerned party. The notices form a part of the legal documentation which can be used in the court of law for documenting and recording the evidence during legal proceedings.

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